This Beautiful Story Of A Little Boy’s Donation Redefines The Word “Heartwarming”

In the corner of the internet, off the coast of Cat Video YouTube, there exists an island. Cornered off from the world and filled with childhood innocence, there resides a precious little boy who enjoys comic books, Pokemon, and bonding with his dad.

His name is Carl, and he is the breath of fresh air you have been waiting for your entire life.

Image courtesy of Carl’s Comix!

Carl loves comic books. So much so that he probably begged his mother until she could no longer see straight about having a website where he could express his love for comic books and Pokemon. Maybe she caved and made it for him, or maybe there was an epic duel to the almost-death before mom finally threw her hands up in exasperation before making dad create it, but this innocently-beautiful website-turned-blog houses one of the most incredible stories you will find on the internet today.

This is the story of how Carl donated over 400 comic books (300 of them being from his own collection!) and donated them to the Lyons Veteran Hospital in New Jersey, and this is the story of how his kindness was repaid.

After the donation of the comic books to the veteran hospital, it was suggested to him by a woman who helped him coordinate the first donation that he donate even more comic books to soldiers overseas. Loving this idea, he packed a car down (with the help of his parents) and drove to Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst near Trenton, New Jersey.

When he arrived, he was able to take a tour of the facility, sit in the seat of a C-17 military transport aircraft, and got to watch a plane land in really close proximity to himself.

This little man had his absolute dream day, complete with trying on his own form of military gear.

Image courtesy of Carl’s Comix!

But, a randomly-sounded fire alarm threatened the rest of the day as everyone was shuffled out into the main outside arena.

However, there was another surprise waiting for him when he got outside, and it was a surprise that would root him to his feet and make him sway in shock.

Chief Master Sergeant Nicole Sheleva and Commander Rayna Lowery both presented him with their coins of excellence, stating that only those who excel in their expertise and go above and beyond for their fellow man receive these coins.

Image courtesy of Carl’s Comix!

As Carl states in his blog, “it was the best day of my life!” The unit was even kind enough to give him a certificate of donation for the comic books to the soldiers overseas, and his pride is shown greatly on his blog through this commemorative picture of all he held dear from Carl’s perfect day:

Image courtesy of Carl’s Comix!

May we all aspire to be as selfless and beautiful as Carl.


Featured image courtesy of Carl’s Comix!