Billy Joel’s 3-Year-Old Little Girl Shares the Stage With Her Adoring Dad

If there’s one thing the internet loves, it’s kittens, babies, and cute little kids. When it’s the children of superstars like Billy Joel, we just can’t seem to get enough of them! Sometimes we see a child of a musician and they show their own style and talent. Then other times, we see kids like the gorgeous little Della Rose Joel, who was three years old when this video was taken and clearly she had her own agenda and may just want to be nothing like Dad.

Billy Joe’s older daughter, Alexa, is a talented musician in her own right, but little Della Rose isn’t yet ready to sing. She’s not shy about getting on the stage, though. She just doesn’t want to sing, maybe. There’s a huge age gap between Alexa Ray Joel and her baby sister. Alexa is 35 years old, and that makes her more than old enough to be Della Rose’s mom herself! However, she probably loves being a big sis to this little angel. The two sisters have another baby sister, too. Remy Anne Joel was born in 2017.

Alexa Ray Joel album cover Della Rose Joel Remy

If you need some cuteness and really want to hear this little angel sing, here’s a video of her singing Happy Birthday to her big sister, Alexa. She has some chops!

The song that dad is singing while Della just stands here looking adorable is “Don’t Ask Me Why.” This beautiful song is one that Joel released in 1980. It was the third single on Joel’s “Glass Houses” album and in the song, Joel’s voice has been compared to that of Paul McCartney, for some reason.

Billy Joel's daughters Alexa Ray Joel and Della Rose Joel

Check it out below. Be sure to clap for little Della Rose because she totally stole the show without even saying a single word. Ha!

Ha! She’s too adorable for words. Maybe someday she’ll want to sing, but today just was NOT the day.

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