Boring ‘America’s Got Talent’ Piano Audition Gets Crazy with Techo-Dance Sequence

Let’s face it, not a lot of people are excited about hearing classical music, it is most commonly associated with boredom, right? That’s exactly how the judges of America’s Got Talent 2019 when a classical piano is rolled onto the stage. You can clearly hear Howie Mandel saying to the other judges, “Maybe it’s because I’ve been here for ten years but I bet you, we have a piano player coming up next,” to which the ever cheerful judge Simon Cowell replies with an obviously sarcastic “whoopie!”

As the contestant walks on stage, he introduces himself, Patrizio Ratto, a pianist from Italy. When he is asked by Julianne Hough if he was going to play an original song, he replies with “Uhm No, it’s classical music, hope you like it,” accompanied by a nervous laugh which gets another sarcastic “Wow” from Simon. Julianne ignores Simon’s comment and encourages Patrizio to go ahead and start his performance. As he proceeds to sit on the bench and start to play the opening to Für Elisse, without question, beautiful and classic piece but not exactly something you’d play to meticulous judges for a talent show as big as America’s Got Talent. During the first part, the camera switches from Patrizio on playing the piano to Simon, making faces, and even to some of the audience yawning.

Image credit: YouTube

He then surprises everyone when he starts making sudden movements, accompanied by intense music. He then stands up, kicks his bench, takes off his jacket, and starts dancing, making host Terry Crew exclaim, “What is going on?!”

Image credit: YouTube

No one expected Patrizio to start dancing to techno, least of all the judges, within seconds of him dancing he got a standing ovation from the audience, which the judges followed suit as he completed his dance sequence to the awe of everyone present in the studio. Watch his performance below!

Never judge something or someone until you have all the information, I’m pretty sure Simon felt silly for mocking Patrizio before seeing the actual performance.