Boy Called 911 To Ask The Officers A Request They Didn’t Have A Heart To Turn Down On Thanksgiving

During the holidays, most people spend their time at home with their families, eating and spending time together. But what some people don’t realize is that there are some whose jobs require them to be up and working even on holiday. Some of these are doctors, nurses, and policemen. These people sacrifice their holidays just to keep us safe.

Often times, they are being taken for granted. Good thing there are people like this boy, who thinks of nothing but to have these people spend time with his family at home.

Billy Nolin is a 5 year-old boy from Florida. On Thanksgiving, he dialed 911. He didn’t have an emergency, he just wanted to invite the officers over for dinner.

““Will you come over because we are having Thanksgiving. Thank you, bye,”

He just said that and then hung up. Shortly after the call, he told his Mom, Lani McCormick about what he did and was told that he can’t do that. He must only dial 911 during emergencies.

The cops did come. When two deputies, Damon Byrd and Aaron Etheridge, visited Billy’s house to thank him for his kind offer, she said her young son began crying because he “thought he was in trouble.”

“The cops had to calm him down, so did I,” McCormick said. The deputies told Billy they were “very proud of him” and that it was great “to know someone that young was still thinking about them” over the holiday, she added.

Image via Facebook.