Brides Treated to a Surprise Song by Sam Smith on Their Wedding

Brides Lisa Best and Bec Baran got the shock of their lives when Sam Smith showed up to serenade them at their wedding reception. Sam Smith is known for his pop music with their dreamy voice.

One of the brides, Lisa, said:

“When he walked through the door I thought, wow, that is actually Sam Smith, this does not happen to us. All of my friends, and Bec’s friends and family were really shocked. It was just another level. The day has been absolutely brilliant and then to have Sam Smith come sing to us was just the icing on the cake.”

Here is one of Sam’s breakthrough international hits “Stay with Me.”

This was part of a BBC special to have Sam join in on an LGBT wedding. They were just as excited to do it as they were to have him. They really enjoyed being a part of their big day.

They have long been an advocate of LGBT rights and marriage equality. His video for Lay Me Down depicts himself in a gay wedding and was hopeful that one-day marriage equality would be a reality. Luckily, his dream became a reality and marriage equality has become legal in England, the United States, and many other countries.

Sam told the BBC:

“Just being a part of someone’s day like that means the world to me. “They’re so in love it’s just incredible. They’re so in love and it’s so beautiful.

“I love weddings so much… that was my first LGBT wedding ever and it was amazing. Just being there and watching you do that in front of your family and friends is really inspiring.”

These lucky brides got the reception of their lives when Sam showed up. He sang a song for them and congratulated them on their big day.

Featured image: YouTube