Burt Reynolds Makes Singing Debut on Carol Burnett Show Performing ‘As Time Goes By’

Debonair isn’t a word we hear a lot these days. The definition of debonair describes someone who is stylish, charming, and confident. And while there are plenty of handsome celebrities out there these days few can live up to being “debonair.” When we think of those who fit that description, we think of legends like Elvis Presley, Prince, Kurt Douglas, Sean Connery, and of course, Burt Reynolds.

Personally, I think another common trait debonair men share is a sort of raw animal magnetism that goes beyond simple charm. There’s a light in their eyes, a hint of danger and mystery. Women who see sense this quality in person might not know just what to expect. And I don’t need to explain just how seductive that quality can be in anyone, male or female.

Burt Reynolds As Time Goes By Carol Burnette

In this video, Burt Reynolds makes his singing debut on the Carol Burnett Show, performing the tune “As Time Goes By.”

It’s easy to see why so many women were and still are in love with Burt Reynolds. He represents a type of masculine energy that’s become pretty rare these days. We hope you enjoyed his performance, if so, please.