Camera Captures Adorable Moment Toddler Sneaks out of Bed to Sleep With His Dog

Kids and pets that form an unbreakable bond are always adorable, just like the video that the YouTube Channel Dogtooth Media posted last July 13. It shows almost two years old (23 months to be exact) Finn Knudston getting up and grabbing his blanky and then proceeds to go down to where his best friend Brutus is sleeping, who stirs from his sleep, and must have sensed what his hooman is doing. He goes back to sleep like this was a routine thing.

According to his mom, Paige, “whether it be in the dog bed, Finn’s bed, or the floor, the two always sleep together.” She found Finn sleeping on the floor one morning, and she got curious, so she installed a nanny cam in Finn’s room. The video she captured is both hilarious and adorable; the bond that those two shares are simply amazing.

Image credit: YouTube

“Initially, Brutus would sleep on the rug in front of his crib every night.” But when Finn started sleeping in a bed, “Brutus began crawling up and sleeping in bed every night; it was as if he laid next to him to prevent him from rolling out of bed.” said page. It seems that Finn’s best bud senses that the boy needed an extra layer of protection. That is why the pup is overly protective of the kid.

Image credit: YouTube

Apparently, during her pregnancy, an anatomy scan showed that Finn had a cyanotic heart defect called transposition of the great arteries, and it was very fortunate that it was detected at such an early stage. That is probably why Brutus senses that his bud Finn needed that extra protection, which shows in the video as he lets the little boy crawl and roll over him, trying to find the best position while just lying there. What the cute video of the two below.

No matter the breed, when shown with true love, a dog will pay back the same or most often, more than the love you give them.