Security Cam Catches Thoughtful Dog Moving His Bed to His Sick Brother to Comfort Him

Dogs are lovable and friendly creatures. They are loyal, sweet, and do not think twice to shower you with kisses. This is the reason why they are tagged as the man’s best friend. It turns out they are not just solely a man’s best friend; they can be each other’s best friends as well.

Spanky and Roman, two amazing dogs, can attest to it. In the video that has been captured by the ring camera set up by their owner on their home, Spanky, the white dog, can be seen dragging his bed beside Roman, the red dog so they can sleep together. You will say “awww” once you see the adorable footage; however, the story behind it is much more touching.


According to the dog owner, one day, she noticed that Roman’s ear was looking puffy, so she immediately brought him to a vet where she was informed that he had a hematoma in his ear, and he needed surgery. The surgery has been scheduled after two weeks of the sudden checkup. However, five days before the surgery, the owner noticed that Roman’s condition caused him so much discomfort. Again, they visited his vet to confirm that the adorable dog can make it up to the day of the surgery without rupturing his ears, which the vet assured them that he would. However, the owner wants to make sure that Roman will be okay, so she had a ring camera set up to monitor his condition even while at work.


The day after the vet appointment, Roman and Spanky’s owner was surprised when there are many notifications sent to her phone. That’s when she found out Spanky’s video dragging his bed to Roman’s side so they can sleep on it together as a way to comfort the sick Roman. The owner, herself, cannot believe the heartwarming event that is unfolding in her living room. She immediately showed it to her sister and even co-workers. Later that night, she decided to share it in her social media accounts, and it became an immediate hit. Netizens love and adore the fantastic relationship between Spanky and Roman. I mean, who wouldn’t?

You can witness the adorable and heartwarming video yourself below:

You also don’t need to worry since Roman surgery has been successful, and according to the owner, he is now back to his old self. We hope that the owner will forever keep the ring camera on her house so we can have endless cute moments between these two lovable dogs.