Selfless Cop Holds Umbrella for Tied Dog When It Starts Raining

I’m a huge dog lover; if I saw a dog anywhere, you can expect to see me waving or worst, making silly faces at it. I even tried to pet a massive K9 dog when I was at the airport once, but of course, the dog’s handler advised me against it. My love for dogs creates a soft spot in my heart for other dog lovers out there. That is why I’m so glad and delighted when I found out what happened outside a supermarket in Giffnock on Monday, June 29, 2020.

A twitter user with the username @MelGracie_ shared on her post about the touching photo of a security guard holding an umbrella to a tied dog in front of the Morrisons supermarket to make sure that it will not get wet in the pouring rain. The kind security guard has been identified as Ethan Dearman. Many people praised Dearman for the selflessness that he showed on that one rainy day. Even the Morrisons supermarket, where he worked, found the whole event adorable.

The dog’s owner named David Cherry, also shared on his twitter account how pleased he was on the kind action of Ethan by ensuring that his dog, Freddie will remain safe and dry in the rain.

However, some people were disappointed while others are in outrage on the dog’s owner for leaving Freddie outside even though it is raining.

But, Ethan quickly explained what happened on that day. According to him, it’s not yet raining when the owner came to the supermarket and tied the dog outside. However, it started raining, and since the selfless security guard cannot move another person’s dog, he just thought to grab an umbrella to protect the adorable Freddie from the rain.

It is really great to know that there are people like Ethan who will selflessly stand in the rain to keep our fur babies protected from the rain.