This Video of a Dolphin and Dog Playing Chase is Pure Joy

Dolphins and dogs are two different creatures. The dolphins lived on the vast sea while the dogs lived with us here in the land. The dolphins have fins while the dogs have legs. The dolphins swim while the dogs run or walk. But both of them are one of the smartest and friendliest creatures here on earth. Who would have known that we will ever get a chance to see an encounter between these two brilliant animals?

That’s what happened to Anastasia Vinnikova in Crimea’s Black Sea when she and her daughter, together with their family dog, Patrick decided to walk along the beach coast in what they thought will be a typical day.


But, the event unfolded on the beach change the course of their day. Anastasia documented the whole event in two-part videos that she posted on her Instagram account. In the first video, a dolphin swam near the shore out of nowhere. Like most of us, Patrick seemed to be surprised by the sudden appearance of the sea mammal. He immediately ran into the water to maybe get a better look at the incredible creature at sea and perhaps to investigate. When Anastasia moved her camera to shows the sea, it can be seen that the surprise visitor is not alone; it is joined by its pod that is also swimming nearby.


Then in the second video, the playful and fearless dolphin swam super near on the coast. Of course, Patrick ran immediately on his location for more up-close interaction, but the sea mammal quickly went back to the seawater. It seems like they are playing a game of cat and mouse. Then, after a few seconds, like a tease, the dolphin swam back to the coast again, and at this moment, Patrick got his awaited chance to touch the dolphin’s tail. After this close encounter, the dolphin went back to the deeper side of the sea may be admitted that it had been defeated in the nameless game that they played.

You can witness the amazing and unbelievable interaction below:

I was so envious of Patrick for having the opportunity to touch the dolphin. Even Anastasia mentioned that she was not yet able to touch a dolphin in her life. Seeing this kind of relationship between two extremely different animals is so rare and special, it’s no wonder why numerous people viewed and adored the video.