Close Your Eyes and Listen to Angelina Jordan Sing Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’

Once again this precious jewel will bring us back down memory lane. The endless classic song that will stir up the sleeping passion of the oldies but goodies. Let’s sit back and relax and listen to how a girl born decades later will bring justice to this old-time favorite.

One of the most (popular and (influential artists of all time is Francis Albert Sinatra, an American singer-actor and producer. He sold more than150 a million records worldwide being the best selling music artist. And he was the one who popularized the song “My Way” back in 1969. This song was put to the music of the French song “Comme d’habitude” and was written and composed by Claude Francois and Jaques Revaux, French songwriters. The English lyrics were written by another old-time favorite Paul Anka.

So now let’s close our eyes and listen to the rendition of “My Way” by the amazing Angelina Jordan. Atta girl! Once again he has proven her prowess to her singing. The volume of her voice is so full that it comes out very cool and angelic, that we only want to remain our eyes closed and just listen to the stunning voice. For every note she delivers takes our breath away, and we always can’t get enough of her singing.

Angelina Jordan is the little girl turned young lady is now being followed not only by the young ones but also of the old ones as well. She started her singing career at a tender age of seven and is now going on top of the entertainment world. It is so amazing for a young singer doing decade-old songs instead of the contemporary genres. That’s why she is the beloved of so many.

Let’s take a grip and follow her journey to the limelight.