Community Organizes a Cute Socially Distanced Dachshund Parade to Bring Joy to Two Elderly Neighbors

It’s just but natural to be attached to your pet emotionally because we spend a lot of time with them. We feel affectionate towards them because they give us joy, companionship, and security and we become reliant on them. Likewise, they feel dependent on us too because we take care of them, we become their caregiver. Relationship with pets entails warmth, stability, and loyalty and both find unconditional love.

So when a pet passes away we get a feeling of grief and sadness, an intense feeling of loss, and emotional pain. Just like these two elderly neighbors must have felt when they lost their pets. The 97-year-old Chris had a dachshund all his life, but his pet died when he was 83. He did not want to get another one because of his age, but he said had he known he would still live longer he could have adopted another one. And the other elderly is the sweet lady who is 96 years old, that when his dachshund died a neighbor gave her a cat for a companion.

When Lani Nguyen one of the parents of the “paw-rents of Friday and Jaqueline Lemieux-Bokor, designer and artist met they got to talking on how to brighten and cheer the elderly. So the idea of a dachshund parade was created. Lani coordinated with the other community of local dachshund in San Diego while Jacqueline handled the decorations.

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Over the weekend my paw-rents and @jacquelinelbokor coordinated a small, socially distanced dachshund parade celebrating two community members. The first stop was Chris, he’s 97, he's had dachshunds all his life, and when he was 83 his last dachshund died. Because he didn't want to take the chance to adopt another puppy due to his own age and health concerns he never had another dachshund. He recently told a neighbor friend, "had I known I'd live this long, I would have adopted another dachshund!" The second stop in the parade was Carolyn, she's 96 with a heart of a lion, and the sweetest lady you’ll ever meet. When her last dachshund died, her neighbor knew she needed a companion, so she got her a cat – and she always wished it could have been another dachshund, and she’s told my mom, she raised it to act like a doxie. Thank you to all the paw-rents and doxies who came out to spread joy to two very worthy and kind people. . . . #speadjoy #dogsofinstaworld #dachshund #wienerdog #cutedog #dogsofbark #weratedogs #dailybarker #dogmodel #cutedogs #dailyfluff #dachshundappreciation #minidachshund #doxieworld #weeniedog #dachshundsofinstagram #mydogiscutest #dog_feature #miniaturedachshund #dogoftheday #dackel #sausagedog #dachshunds #dachshundoftheday #doggo #instadaily #parade

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Lani alongside other 17 dachshunds and their owner walked on the parade. They visited the two elderly one after the other and they were both so thrilled seeing all those beautiful dachshund parading. Thank you to the kindness and generosity of the community who put an effort to make the two elderly come alive once more.

The joy in the eyes of the two elderly is greatly apparent. We can’t get over the happiness these dogs can bring.