Could This Be The Best Freestyle Rapper? (VIDEO)

Harry Mack is not your ordinary rapper. Unlike the high-fashion, chain-wearing rap stars that we have become accustomed to in music videos, Harry is more or less the guy next door.  His rapping skills, on the other hand, are out of this world. His unique style doesn’t involve pre-written, memorized rhymes; instead, he freestyles about anything around him.

Harry cleverly incorporates anything from a person’s shoes to a passing car into his rap routines to the amazement of his audience. He’s definitely a crowd puller and regularly bursts into impromptu performances in public places. The reactions he elicits from unknowing pedestrians is always great to watch. Whether he’s performing on a street corner or in a park, the crowd response is often similar. It begins with faint interest and when people stop and actually pay attention to his rhymes, they are totally blown away. Soon, everyone has their phone whipped out, recording his flawless off-the-cuff freestyle flows.

Image is a screenshot from YouTube video

Harry Mack has become a viral sensation and he’s gradually building a loyal following on social media. It’s not clear if he’s looking to be signed by a record company or taking the independent route by building his brand online.

In one of his more recent videos, he is seen rapping on a sidewalk in Venice Beach, Los Angeles. He clutches a portable speaker synced with his phone which he uses to select the accompanying instrumentals. A crowd slowly forms and in no time he has the full attention of a reasonably-sized crowd. They are definitely in awe of his witty lines and on-the-spot improvisation.


His performances are just as good even when he’s not in front of a crowd. In his “King Liquor Freestyle” video, he simply walks into the store and starts randomly rapping about various products. The store owner is more or less indifferent, but a couple of people — including one guy who stopped by for a burrito — are super impressed. Check out the video below.