Dad Wears Special Tie His Son Gave Him In 1st Grade To Graduation And We’re Emotional

Dylan Olivo is an 18-year old young man who just graduated high school. For any teenager, this day is a cause for celebration, relief, and ultimately looking towards the future and what it might hold for the rest of that child’s life.

But, his father decided to carry a little bit of the past along with it.

When Dylan was in the 1st grade, he made his father a very special tie that incorporated something the young boy held most dear to him.

Image courtesy of Dylan Olivo via Buzzfeed.

He designed and drew it himself for a Father’s Day gift, and he hoped with all his soul that his father would enjoy wearing something that brought him so much happiness as a young boy.

But, his father, Robert Olivo, decided to bust out this special tie to wear to his son’s graduation.

In the photo, Dylan is adorned with his cap and gown, a Cum Laude sash, and multiple medals and honors. He is the billboard picture of a man who succeeded in his high school years, someone who is bound for greatness as he goes off into the great, white world and attempts to conquer it all in one fell swoop.

And there stands his father: proud, smiling, and wearing that same beautiful tie.

Image courtesy of Dylan Olivo via Buzzfeed.

His son recounts his reaction with tears in his eyes:

“I was so excited and full of joy at graduation that it brought my spirits even higher seeing it.”

All too often, handmade gifts are donated or thrown in the trash. The time it takes to make them for those who are deemed special enough to receive one are usually seen as “impractical” and “frugal,” when really? They are anything but. Then, if they are not thrown out or donated, they are shoved to the top of a closet and sit there for decades collecting dust.

But not this tie.

Not for this father.

Dylan then took to Twitter to post about this sweet gesture by his father in order to shout his own graduation story from the social media rooftops like so many others were doing, and his moving story brought out the best in many Twitter accounts.

In honor of Father’s Day, let us celebrate the incredible men, like Robert Olivo, who bust out parenting techniques that will never be taught in a classroom.

Congratulations on your big day, Dylan, and may your future be bright.


Featured image courtesy of Dylan Olivo via BuzzFeed

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