Dad’s Scary Laugh Turns Baby’s Smile To A Frown

Most parents will tell you that the first time they made their baby laugh was one of the greatest days of their entire life. I still recall how my daughter lit up the first time I did my patented Scooby-Doo voice and she laughed. I felt like I was the most awesome dad in the universe!

But by that same token, we can also inadvertently do or say something that makes our children look at us as if to say, What was that? Even worse, we may even scare them or make them cry.

Take for example the father in this video. He is talking to his daughter and she is beyond enthralled with him. Look at her smile! But then Dad goes too far and does his scary laugh. Never have you seen a facial expression change so quickly.

So to all the Dads out there, a word of warning: Just because we find something funny is no guarantee that our children will share in that belief.