Daniele Vitale Perfectly Connects with the Audience While Playing ‘Titanium’

From YouTube alone, we’ve seen countless covers of pop songs interpreted with singing, guitar, piano, or a combination of them. Though many to count, there’s still only a handful who plays saxophone so well they consistently caught so much attention to the point that they become an internet sensation. Arguably, one of them is an Italian street saxophone performer named Daniele Vitale. He’s one of the perfect examples of a person who makes a living through his passion. As an amazing musician, he accepted wedding and international events besides his many street acts.

As a native from Naples, one of the biggest cities in Italy, he did many of his performances in this historical place. One of them was his interpretation of the song “Titanium,” a single produced by David Guetta and sung by Sia. Well-dressed in a pure red suit and red hat, he showcased himself as a confident professional musician. As a public performer, it clearly shows how he loves his audience, he danced with the background enjoying the moment. The crowd enjoys it as well, one guy even did an impromptu interpretative dance making the scene more heart-warming. Hundreds of people gathered, many took their phone to record Daniele, while others walked through him to drop their money to his saxophone’s bag as a simple gesture of their appreciation. Though this seems a solo act, we should not forget the person behind the camera, Illia Dumitro for a job well done.

Watch the video below and get amazed at how he managed to connect with his audience without interrupting himself. He’s the real deal when it comes to professional public performance. You’ll see why it garnered more than 8 million views and counting.

“Titanium” is a song created through collaboration, Daniele who collaborated with a talented filmmaker, also made a video worthy of million views. We can’t wait for his next uploads.