Do You Want To Believe? 3 Creepy Stories Of Alien Abduction

Once again, I found myself in a weird part of the internet; the alien abduction side to be specific. Putting aside whether or not I believe these stories, they were actually a fascinating read. They put me on the edge of my seat, and left me wondering what other stories of alien encounters exist. Without further ado, here are some summaries of the stories that I read. Readers be warned: these stories can get pretty creepy.

The Buff Ledge Abduction, 1968

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This incident supposedly happened at Buff Ledge Camp, a girls’ camp in Vermont. A maintenance man, Michael Lapp, and a water ski instructor, Janet Cornell, sat out on the dock and admired the sunset. Eventually, the two spotted a bright light, which Michael assumed was the planet Venus. He was shocked when he and Janet noticed the light coming closer.

As the light came closer, it became clear that it was an alien spacecraft. Janet and Michael could now see small bald creatures with big heads, large eyes, and long necks inside the object. Before they knew it, a beam fired toward Janet and Michael, despite their protests. The rest of the event is hazy in their memory, but Michael continued to have dreams of being abducted against his will. Janet also recalls a cold examination table, along with the feeling of being pinched by her hair and on her neck.

The Reed Family Incident, 1960s

It was sometime in the 1960s in Sheffield, Massachusetts. Brothers Thomas and Matthew Reed, both young children at the time, saw a bright flash in the window. Matthew was frightened and called out to his brother, but he soon found that Thomas had disappeared into the light. To make matters worse, he later found his mother and grandmother in a catatonic state. His mother fortunately awoke and decided to check the room with him.

As the mother looked inside the room, she heard a screech and found that Matthew was no longer standing with her. She was now alone in the house with the grandmother, her sons nowhere in sight. Like any mother would, she searched the home with great urgency, eventually finding her sons shaking and in shock. To this day, the sons have retained memories of contact with aliens. The image of a circular spaceship, oddly displaying an image of a willow tree, is now permanently etched into their minds.

The Betty Andreasson Abduction, 1967

It was January of 1967, and Betty Andreasson was cooking for her family. Suddenly, the lights blinked, and a red beam of light came through the window. Betty, understandably frightened, went to comfort her children while her father went to find the source of the light. To his surprise, he saw several otherworldly creatures walk right through the front door. Before they could react, the aliens put the entire family in a somewhat paralyzed state and began examining them.

The aliens were said to be four to five feet tall, with pear-shaped heads and small mouths that never moved. Strangely, they also wore uniforms with a bird logo. They communicated telepathically with the family to give the message that they meant no harm. Betty was then taken to what seemed to be the mothership to undergo a physical examination, which she states that she cannot remember clearly due to interference of the aliens. To this day, Betty’s tale remains one of the most well-known alien abduction reports.

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Source: UFO Casebook