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Doctors Save Unborn Baby Of A Woman Who Got Killed In A Drive-By

Last November 18, 2016, Vanessa Oviedo, who was 27 years old and was 35 weeks pregnant was shot in the head and killed in a drive-by shooting. She was in the car  with four other people, including her one-year old daughter and her boyfriend Andrew Aguirre.

The police are convinced that the shooting was a targeted one. The suspects’ vehicle drove and stopped right beside Oviedo and Aguirre’s vehicle to get a clear shot.

Oviedo got shot in the head while Aguirre sustained a wound in his leg. Despite the injury, he was able to drive to the nearest hospital where doctors immediately tended to Oviedo.

They immediately performed a C-section to attempt to save the baby. Thankfully, even if it was born prematurely, it was in stable condition. Sadly, the mom did not make it.

Source: Go Fund Me

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