Dog Steals Owner’s Fake Novelty Teeth and Things Get Hilarious

They say dogs are a man’s best friend. They are naturally curious furry babies who pour boundless love to their owners and bring sunshine in the house like no other. But don’t be fooled by their innocent and adorable eyes. No matter how cute they look, they’re also mischievous and are often up to no good. From chewing on your favorite slippers or shoes to rummaging your garbage and trashing your house, you’ll never know what’s next on their beautiful (and fairly creative) minds. And mind you, you can’t even get angry with these quirky four-legged babies. No matter how serious their crimes are, you’ll just end up laughing or going all ‘awweee’ at the sight of them.


Just like this little Yorkshire Terrier named Thomas. His owner, Ben Campbell, is a psychologist from Hazel Park, Michigan. One day, Ben brought home a mouthful of comically large fake teeth as a joke to entertain himself and have a good laugh. But to his surprise, his dog Thomas had a different plan and stole them off the table. Now you’re probably thinking that Thomas went on to play with the dentures and even chewed them off just like any other normal dog. But no, the tiny four-legged trickster helped himself and tried it on, making things funnier than Ben could have ever hoped for!


And so, Ben found his playful dog with giant dentures poking out of his tiny mouth, letting out a cheeky smile. He couldn’t help but break out in laughter as the hilarious furry went on running, determined to keep his toy. Thankfully, Ben was able to capture all these in his camera and has shared the hilarious video clip to the world.

Watch the video below and prepare to be in tears from the joy and laughter this master of mischief brings. Say hello to the toothy Thomas!

Is it just me or he looks like Jim Carrey playing the role of Chewbacca? Anyway, I hope this funny dog has brightened your day as it did mine!

Image credit: YouTube