Dolly Parton Teams Up With Choir, Belts Out Magnificent New Song ‘I Still Believe’

Dolly Parton is a living legend, and very few people will dispute that. She’s managed to somehow cross the great divide in the U.S. and is beloved by people on every corner of the political spectrum. Divinely country and Southern, Dolly is also outspoken about causes that usually only inspire the left. It seems that those on the other side just ignore Dolly’s position on social issues and they love her anyhow. Very few celebrities are able to achieve this position and to be fair, very few want to. People are passionate about what they believe. Dolly is completely unapologetic and is gifted and skilled at expressing her own views without insulting anyone else.

Dolly’s new single, “I Still Believe,” offers an uplifting message that we all need to hear right now. We’ve been through a unique kind of hell in the last year, and Dolly has continuously inspired us all with her messages of hope. Some people have even said that “I Still Believe” is the perfect song to close out 2020 and it’s perhaps because of this that Dolly used it to close out her 2020 holiday special. With the help of a gospel choir, Dolly belts out this song in a way that only Dolly can.

“I Still Believe” was released as a bonus track on Dolly’s latest album, a holiday album titled “A Holly Dolly Christmas.” The song’s lyrics are like a wonderful balm to soothe us all at a time when we need it most. In the song, Dolly references “strange and crazy times that we’re living in,” along with “uncertainty, division, anger, and unrest.” At the end, she maintains “I Still Believe.” She says that she believes we’ll walk in the “sunshine” again, and by the seashore. She believes that we’ll dance and sing and “be happy again.”

She acknowledges that she doesn’t know “how or when,” but “you’ll see, I still believe.” Watch Dolly’s song of hope below.

If anyone can give us hope, it’s Dolly.

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