Everybody Was Brought to Tears When This Dog Magician Came to Stage

Dogs are man’s best friend, they say. They are one of the sincerest home animals that we will agree on. They love unconditionally and greet you as you get home as if you were gone for a long time. They are contented with short car drive, cuddling, and keeping us warm in the bed at night. Dogs certainly deserve to be loved and feel loved. That is why they are dubbed as the best pet in the world. They will give you their loyalty and love your family too. However, not all dogs are lucky with whom they share the world with. Some suffer in the dog meat trade, some are homeless and just lurking around streets to find food to eat.

A dog act in Britain’s Got Talent: Magicians edition has put everyone in tears. Amanda and one of her rescue dogs, Miracle, joined the audition. Amanda walks up to talent judge Simon Cowell who is known for his love for dogs. She hands cards with pictures of her 40 dogs. She has over 40 dogs, and most of them are rescue dogs. Simon follows the trick instructions, roughly cut the cards into four-set, and pick one from each.

Then, Simon hands the other three to co-judges. After that, Miranda shows a video presentation of Miracle’s heart-melting story. Miracle, the dog, is rescued from a dog-meat trade. The rescuers found him alive from a pile of crushed dogs placed in a cage.

Thought to be gone already, Miracle opened his eyes after a camera flash burst out from a rescuer’s phone during the operation. Miracle, who is in bad condition, bit by bit regains his health with the help of Amanda. He finally found love and a family. After the presentation, the four judges shows the dog cards on hand, calling the name, one by one. As if hearing their names on a roll call, each dog came running out of the little house situated at the side of the stage.

The dogs burst out the stage and run around Miracle as if they are excited to see each other. Check out the emotional moment that has brought the judges and the audience to tears in the video below.

Indeed, dogs deserve to be loved and kept in a home, not in cages and not in the streets either. We humans are lucky to experience the kind of love and loyalty they give to us.