This Wise Dog Is Trained to Fetch Packages Delivered to Their Homes

Dogs have been of aid to humans since about 15,000 years ago. Their domestication has helped us in many ways we wouldn’t have even imagined. They make us healthier and provide happiness in our homes. After all, they are a man’s best friend- and rightfully so. Their quirks and random tantrums never fail to put a smile on our faces. Plus, their undeniable intelligence and loyalty make them just the perfect companion for us. Some of these canines have literally saved their owner’s lives in moments of peril. Others continue to brighten up their beloved hooman’s days and assist them in different activities. Regardless, all these puppers sure do make everyone’s lives even just a little bit better.

And now, a recent video from TikTok has shown once again how smart these adorable fluffballs are. The dog in question is a brilliant husky who lives in a cozy little apartment. His owner doesn’t have the luxury to stay at home the entire day. However, with the pandemic today, almost anything can be delivered on your doorsteps anytime. With that, the owner decided to train his pooch to receive the package whenever he’s not around. Of which the good boy has gladly obliged!

And when the most awaited day came, he surely didn’t disappoint. The husky was home alone when the courier arrived. He quickly opened the door in one swift and greeted the person. The impressive dog then got the package as instructed and left it on the floor. However, perhaps still baffled by the unexpected receiver, the mindblown delivery man peeked around the house to check if there’s someone he can talk to. This has alerted the dog who immediately started barking to ward off the stranger. Finally, when the courier left, he closed the door ever casually and put the package away. It’s so amusing!

Watch the entertaining and unbelievable video below that would make you want to have a dog!


He’s such a good boy! I want to pet him so badly and tell him how brilliant he is. Kudos to the owner for training him well!