Everyone Wants a Dog After Seeing This Thoughtful Dog Lovingly Cover Its Owner with a Blanket

For a little history trivia, it was in the king of Prussia who’s credited for the saying “dog is man’s best friend” in the year 1789. You may not want more history details, but you might agree with this quote more than 200 years ago. Perhaps, close to cats, dogs are the best human companions as they thrive on attention and affection. They can feel your emotions and protect you from dangers. Like humans, dogs can sometimes be annoying, but arguably the most loving and loyal creature you can bring into your life. The internet shows how the world adorned these furry cute animals.

I bet many times in your life, and your brain wanders in the vast nowhere while holding your phone. Later, you caught yourself watching videos of cute animals. In particular, dogs caught the heart of millions worldwide, resulting as internet sensation for videos such as the almost 50-million views Pomeranian puppy groomed to look like a teddy bear. Other videos equally fascinating to watch are dogs acting like humans. Behaviors like covering its owner in bed, ensuring she’s sleeping comfortably, walking in two legs, long jumps in stairs, and following its owner secretly outside the house are among the few of them.


One of the best reasons we can easily relate to dogs is that we have many behavioral similarities. In non-verbal ways, we felt our pets’ love and affection. They jump and wag their tails to show they missed us and even felt insecure when not given enough attention. These emotions that make us very human are equipped in many dogs, so they can always behave like us. They lived with us, the more we feel we can’t live without them.


These adorable four-legged beast were God’s gift to us when we experienced disloyalty from our fellow humans. Watch this video below and see for yourself. Even if you don’t have a pet, it can lighten up your day in about 80 seconds.

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