Exercise Advise For Flappers, Circa 1920

The flappers were truly the embodiment of the roaring 20s. While French based – these lovely women were adored by jet setters, royalty, and commoners the world over. From their vivacious curves to immaculate beauty, the flappers were synonymous with jazz music, short skirts, and rebellious nature. They also believed in staying shape and looking their best at all times.

Flapper Exercise 5

Flapper Exercise 2

To celebrate the golden era of the flappers, a French book was released back in the 1920s – entitled La Culture Physique de la Femme Elegante. This popular publication featured exercise advice for flappers – and other women that wanted to emulate them. The book showcased illustrations of fitness routines at a time when women wore less supportive dresses. In fact, it was the contouring of their shapes to outfits that turned heads faster than a top.

Flapper Exercise 4

Flapper Exercise 7

The book was considered ahead of its time – with vibrant colors and true attention to details. According to April Calahan of F.I.T’s blog, Material Mode, the book also emphasized “the services of Dr. Mortat.” The good doctor supposedly helped women tackle those unwanted pounds; along with improve respiratory performance and functionality. It appeared, however, that the doctor’s practice was geared towards potential clients of wealth if anything.

Flapper Exercise 3

Flapper Exercise 6

The following video shows but a glimpse of how the flappers loved to dance and tap into all the fashionable trends of the 20s and 30s:

image via: Slate

Screengrab via: Youtube