Firefighter Goes On A Call That Changed His Life Forever

No amount of training can prepare a firefighter for the tragedies that they face and try to prevent each time they put on their uniform. Bravery is something that every firefighter needs to handle on most, if not all, of the calls they go on.

Well, one November call required more than just bravery. This particular call required an extra dose of compassion and love, and Marc Hadden was just the man for the job.

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Marc and his team thought they were going on a normal emergency call that day, however, it was anything but normal. When the team arrived on the scene they found a pregnant woman who was very far along in labor.

They knew that she didn’t have enough time to make it to the hospital before the baby was born, so Marc jumped into action. He was able to safely deliver the healthy baby girl, who’s name is now Grace.

Image source: Youtube screenshot

Both the Mother and the baby were transported to the hospital shortly after the paramedics arrived. They received the necessary after birth care, and baby Grace was put up for adoption immediately after she got the OK from the doctors.

This was a situation of being in the right place at the right time for baby Grace. Marc and his wife always wanted to expand their family of four, but for medical reason were unable to naturally.

Image source: Youtube screenshot

The video below tells the story of how baby Grace became a Hadden. Grab your tissues and get ready for your love cup to be filled.


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