Florida Girl Shows Her Heart To The World (VIDEO)

Several Jewish cemeteries have recently fallen victim to vandalization. Headstones have been smashed in what can only be described as hate crimes against the Jewish community.

A 6-year-old girl went out of her way to show the world there’s more love than hate.

Ayel Morgenstern of Parkland, Florida was heart broken after hearing about her great-great-grandmother’s burial site being vandalized. Rebecca Pearl’s headstone had been toppled over in Chesel Shel Emeth Cemetery in St. Louis, MO.

So she decided to paint rocks to place on top of Pearl’s and many other gravestones. One set of rocks were painted as lady bugs, a symbol of good luck. She painted the rest as hearts, “for a little bit more love.”

Source: Screenshot Via Twitter

She also painted and sent another 150 to Mount Carmel Cemetery in Philadelphia, PA, which was also vandalized.

On March 7, students from several schools in St. Louis placed the rocks on the vandalized headstones in  Chesel Shel Emeth Cemetery. There were 154 in total.

Rabbi Yaakov Green took the time to explain the importance of doing this act of kindness for the deceased. He pointed out that cemeteries are a way for generations to connect with one another.

As the students reached into the box and placed the beautiful rocks on the headstones, he said to them:

“it’s a kindness they can never repay. you’re honoring them in a way that they can never repay. a lot of times we do something nice for somebody, like i’ll do something nice for my kid, i’m hoping that they go to bed on time. they’LL do something nice for me, they’re hoping for ice cream. but here, you do something nice, there’s no way they can ever repay that.”

May we all find inspiration from this young girl.

Watch this video to hear more from the Rabbi.

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter