Girl Does an Impromptu Duet Lobby Concierge While Waiting

The moment a young girl named Tommi Rose heard of the front desk’s mesmerizing voice, she immediately knew that she had to sing with him. Tommi was visiting her friend in an apartment complex. Upon waiting for her mother in the lobby to pick her up, she suddenly heard the concierge singing. The melody was too beautiful to ignore that she mustered up the courage to stand up and talk to him. However, just a few moments later, her mother arrived, and it was time to leave. But the story didn’t stop there.

After a few months, Tommi went back to the same place for a graduation party. And, you know it, she met the man again! Call it luck or whatnot, but she sure didn’t let this opportunity slide this time. She went over the desk once again, but she’s not there to talk. Instead, she has decided to finally ask him to have a duet- of which he gladly obliged. The concierge took the spotlight first, letting his voice soar as he sang Dolly Parton’s iconic tune, “I Will Always Love You“. It was so stunningly rich and full of emotions!

Concierge-duetFollowing the powerful rendition of the chorus, the female singer then decided to take over. She sang her version, which is just as lovely but is a bit softer and delicate. The duo may have had diverse tones and approaches, but they both certainly are brilliant in their own right. The two strangers are also both completely blown away by each other’s voice. It’s too adorable to see! I don’t know with you, but there’s just something about artists rooting for fellow artists that just make my heart swell. It’s really precious. And these singers are just the perfect role model.

lobby-duetWatch the striking spontaneous performance below and see the magical moment of two singers getting invested in their musical world.

This lovely coincidence has unexpectedly bounded the lives of two talented strangers. Guess destiny truly moves in its own mysterious ways.