Heartbreaking Video of a Little Girl Calling Herself ‘So Ugly’ Devastates Social Media

A video posted on Instagram last week has broken the hearts of people around the world. In the video, a little girl is having her hair done by someone who obviously loves her. It’s not clear who the person is to the little girl. Perhaps an aunt or a family friend. However, one thing that everyone who watches this video can agree upon is that it’s completely heartbreaking.

In the video, as the woman is fixing the little girl’s hair and talking absent-mindedly to the other children in the house, the little girl is gazing into the mirror. At one point, she says very matter-of-factly, “I’m so ugly.”

Little girl saying she's so ugly and crying

The horrified woman quickly stopped working on the little girl’s hair and said, “Don’t say that!” She reassured the little girl that she’s beautiful. Then, suddenly, all of the emotion this little girl has been holding inside just comes out and she bursts into tears. Watch the heartbreaking video below.

This is absolutely heartbreaking. I hope this serves as a teaching moment for how we talk around our children who may then go and say cruel things to other children. Little girls need to be told they’re beautiful by the people who love them.