Heartbreaking Video Shows Dog Waiting 10 Hours for Owner to Come Home

Before even getting a dog, there are a lot of considerations that a person should think about. Will, the dog has someone to be with when his owner goes to work? Will he be in a safe home? Who will feed it when he’s alone? And would the owner even have time for the dog? A lot of questions should be asked before getting a dog, or else you might end up worrying and brokenhearted like this woman from China.

Ms. Zhang has a 1-year-old border collie called Pi Dan which means naughty. But what Ms. Zhang found out when she left a camera inside the house to monitor the dog when she left for work is the extreme opposite of its name meaning. She admitted to being quite brokenhearted when she found out what the dog did for the 10 hours that she was not home.

In the post, she posted timestamps showing that the dog just stayed by the window waiting for her for the whole 10 hours. “It broke my heart seeing that footage, but I have no other way. I try my best to take him everywhere to play during weekends and holidays. I also considered keeping another dog, but I was worried that they would both wait for me. I would be even more heartbroken.”

The poor dog was bored and was looking out the window for a glimpse of his owner. Not surprisingly, when he saw Ms. Zhang, he jumped up and down excitedly and it seemed to can’t control its happiness.

The owner shared that this is normal behavior for the dog. He would just wait patiently by the window. Sometimes he will take a nap in the afternoon but when he wakes up, he will return to the window again to wait for her to come home.