Here’s What You Need to Say to Increase Your Dog’s Heart Rate

We get to be with dogs for a part of our lives. But in the dog’s case, their owners are the love of their whole life. The idea of having another being who loves you greatly for their whole life is a good feeling. Dogs are known to be showy when it comes to their love for their owners. There is the face licking, jumping to your lap, barking, and being excited when you come home, how else would you want your dog to show you he loves you?

Well, a new study shows that a dog’s heart rate actually soars up when you tell them you love them. Hearing “I love you” from you gives them that heartbeat boost. A recent study conducted by people from Canine Cottages shows so. The study had the dogs go through a series of stimuli within 7 days to find out the averages and the changes. What they found out is quite impressive and delightful.

They conducted a study on four dogs. It showed through their tracking devices that the average resting heart rate is 67 beats per minute. When their owners say “I love you”, their heart rates jump up to a whopping 98 beats per minute. That’s a 46.2% increase!

Another change in heart rate that they found is a sweet little thing that raises your dog’s heart rate up by 10.4% just by setting their eyes on you. Now, how sweet is that, right? As you spend time with your dog like cuddling on the couch, their heart rate stabilizes and decreases by 22.27.

Therefore, we conclude that nothing really beats a dog’s love for their hoomans, don’t you agree? While this is not the most scientific and effort laden study, it sure is fun to know that we can say “I love you” to our dogs and they would feel happy about it.