His Girlfriend Secretly Sent Plasterer’s Application to X Factor and His Singing Went Viral

Talent contests like The X Factor promise stardom and fame to the lucky winners that it is no wonder that millions of participants are trying their luck. Audition lines are always long and the place is always full to the brim with hopefuls. However, while these people have the confidence to do something about their talent, some need an extra push.

Such is the story of 27-year-old Sam Black who joined X-Factor because his then-girlfriend sent his application. He auditioned for the X-Factor, after getting persuaded by girlfriend Emma Smith from Cronk-y-berry. The judges were all attentive as a nervous Sam Black enters the room. In his nervousness, he shared with the judges that it was Emma who sent a video of him singing which led to his audition.

He went there to the audition with Emma and their baby Mason. When it was time to sing, he sang “Run Around Sue, a retro hit that was popular in the ’60s. When asked, he said he chose the song because he was particularly fond of the songs popular during that era, he also added that he likes that it is a happy song. You can see by the judges’ faces that they like what they were hearing, at one time one was even swaying his head while listening. Simon, however, didn’t like the performance 100%. According to him, Sam was a bit tight despite having sung the audition piece well.

Even though Simon said he was tight, he still got a unanimous “yes” from the four judges which opened the door to a better opportunity for him to show the world his talent. Watch the video below and see how natural Sam’s talent is.

Don’t you just want to commend Emma for having the initiative to send Sam’s video, leading him to the stage and us hearing his talent?