Hozier Sings ‘The Parting Glass’ as a Tribute to Those Who Lost Their Lives This Pandemic

With everything that is happening in our world, one of the biggest predicaments we are all facing is the daily threat of COVID-19. Every day all of us live with fear and anxiety, fear of being infected by the viral disease, fear of the safety and health of our loved ones, and fear of what’s the future holds. Day by day, large numbers of new COVID-19 cases are emerging, and day by day, numerous families from all over the world were losing their loved ones because of this disease.

This is why in The Late Late Show, when Hozier performed “The Parting Glass” last March 27, 2020, Miriam O’Callaghan dedicated the song to those people that have lost their lives to COVID-19. She also did not forget to respect all the health workers worldwide who are sacrificing their lives every day to restore all the infected to health.

The-Parting-GlassHozier, an Irish musician, singer, and songwriter who is known for his famous song “Take Me to Church,” with just a piano in the background, provides a very emotional performance of “The Parting Glass.” According to sources, this song is originally a Scottish traditional song that is often sung at the end of a friend’s gathering. The “parting glass” is practiced in several countries; it is the final hospitality offered to a departing guest. A final glass is given to someone’s leaving to fortify them for their travels.

Hozier-The-Parting-GlassWith its touching meaning of the song and Hozier’s moving performance, you cannot help but become teary-eyed once you watch it.

In this testing time, all of us need to look out for each other. Please always wear a mask; it does not only helps you prevent from acquiring the disease, but it also helps lessen the risk of the people that we inevitably interact with every day.