If Someone Has Ever Been Your Solid Rock, This Song Is for Them. They Need to Hear It

One thing sure about this life is that it has highs and lows, and we have our fair share of it. Like anyone else, I believe that in these peaks and valleys, we ought to find glory and meaning in life. Can you count how many times life’s blows knock you really hard? Our world becomes glimmer, and our seclusion becomes our best company. Although our retreat from the world, if not overdone, can help us process the low blows in life. Obviously, this can sound alarming to the people around us if you become unaware that you are on the verge of shutting yourself completely from the world. So, how did you triumph those times? Did an angel save you? Count yourself lucky then if you have someone who got your back during life’s hardest blows.

If you can relate to having an overflowing feeling of gratitude towards someone, you perfectly understand that words fell short in conveying to them your gratefulness. You would not be where you are if not for their deep kindness that made you win over the demons in life’s low blows. But you would also agree with me that we can never repay exactly the same to the persons who pulled us through, so the best way to do it is to pay it forward. I am a believer in this slogan. There is a YouTube video that is inspired by this golden wisdom. True enough, by not breaking the chain of good deeds, the world will eventually get covered with the energy of love and kindness. So, be grateful, and don’t forget to pay it forward!

That is the very reason too that the song of Lauren Daigle, “You Say,” becomes a big hit because it gives honor to the “someone” who becomes the spark of light during their darkest night. That person in your life deserves more than your shout out. They deserve to know that you remember you are bursting because of their profound kindness. And every word of that is captured in the lyrics of her song.

Watch this video and, together with other grateful souls, join them in giving praise to those people who are angels sent for you.

With this video, you will be more convinced why the next person to show kindness should be you.

Featured image credit: StockSnap, Pixabay