If You’re Missing Someone This Christmas, We Dedicate This Song to You

Have you ever lost someone you love because they passed away? I think most of us have, and the older we get, the more of our loved ones we lose. It’s just the way life is. As we get older, our grandparents are usually the first loved ones we lose. For most people, our parents eventually pass away before we do. This has been an extremely difficult year for people all over the world and many people are mourning the loss of loved ones. There’s an old saying that hits home for some people: no parent should outlive their children.

I have two children, and I can’t even imagine a universe without them in it, to be honest. I’ve lost people I love, of course. My grandparents, and even my first husband. It was devastating. However, it’s impossible to imagine the grief of losing a child unless you’ve been through it, so I won’t even try to even explain how it feels. One of the musicians in the group “The Piano Guys,” Jon Schmidt, lost a child a few years ago: his daughter Annie. He describes it as a “brutal time” and when Christmas came, he and his family found it difficult to celebrate.

Jon Schmidt daughter Annie The Piano Guys

Then he came across this song. He said that he found the video on Facebook and the song was being sung by a Christian artist named Craig Aven and it’s called “The Sweetest Gift.” As Jon listened to the song with his wife, he said it was like the man was singing the very things Jon and his wife were feeling every single day. The song really spoke to him and brought him and his wife a lot of comfort during the most difficult time of their lives.


He and his partners performed the song and uploaded the video to YouTube, and he said that he wants to dedicate it to anyone who has lost someone they love and are struggling during the holidays. Listen to it below.


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