It’s Official – Impromptu Concert Proves Cows Like Jazz

The edited version of this video has had more than 9 million views and was shot in Autrans, France. It beautifully showcases the effectiveness of jazz music to “tame the wild beast.” Well, the cows weren’t exactly wild, but they sure did seem to enjoy this impromptu concert.

The band, The New Hot 5, is a New Orleans-style jazz band that performs throughout the United States, with occasional stints in venues around the world just for fun. The group is lead by Dr. Steve Call, a professor of music at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Call plays Tuba for the band and has an arm’s length list of accomplishments to his musical credit.

The rest of the members have the distinction of having all been students of Call’s at some point in time.

Clark Burnside plays clarinet for the group, and is an Electrical Engineer who works at Intel designing computer chips. He plays worldwide in various venues in addition to his work with the New Hot 5.

Dr. Daniel Henderson, who plays trumpet, currently lectures on Music at Harvard University, where he also teaches Jazz Harmony and Jazz Improvisation.

Dr. Will Kimball is an Associate Professor of Trombone at BYU, and of course, plays trombone for the group. He has had an illustrious career thus far, appearing in many venues, including on the soundtrack for the sound track of several movies, including “Sandlot.” He maintains a website if you would like to learn more about him.

Last, but not least, Joshua Payne plays banjo for the group. He originally got his start as a busker (street musician) on the busy streets of New York City. Payne has an affinity for his vintage instrument, a 1928 Epiphone Concert Special Recording tenor banjo.

This story originally appeared on my much neglected personal blog Just A Mom in Michigan.


Featured image is a screen grab from video.