Indonesian Street Musician Plays ‘Wish You Were Here’ by Pink Floyd with so Much Passion

A lot of iconic bands and musicians have created different masterpieces that were preserved and immortalized for the next generations to enjoy. Some of the big names on the music industry include The Beatles, Linkin Park, Queen, and Pink Floyd. Their legendary music has been sung all over the world and is still being listened to today. We just couldn’t get enough of their magic! Now, we have a special performance from a humble busker who chose to cover Pink Floyd’s emotional song, ‘Wish You Were Here’.

Meet Eko, an Indonesian street musician with a pure voice and mad fingerpicking skill. He may not look much, but he is filled with intense passion, bringing joy and beauty on the streets of Gili Air Island, Lombok. Unfortunately, Eko and his fellow buskers aren’t given much respect and regard in Indonesia. They’re even considered as public nuisances and are often viewed in a negative light. Commonly known as ‘pengamen,’ these wonderful people tend to perform everywhere you could think of- from traffic lights to markets and tourist spots.indonesian-street-musicianThis misunderstood lower class may be making little money through music, but the way they brighten people’s day with their wonderful random performances is priceless. They sing from the heart, touching people’s souls without receiving many rewards except for the smiles they bring. Sadly, they were said to be raided and removed from the streets to the point of having their precious musical instruments taken away from them once detained. It’s heartbreaking! Still, they chose to continue their musical life and entertain people with their hypnotic rhythms.street-musician-indonesianWatch the video below and support a thriving musician who may not have had the chance to show his full potential but still sings with so much passion.

Eko’s delightful take on Pink Floyd’s piece just shows how beauty goes beyond what the eye can see.