Is This Cat Seriously Going Around Giving People Massages? Yep!

Any cat owner will know that cats are really curious and that some of the actions of these cute felines are quite bizarre but are unique to them and not to other animals. For instance, cats are always curious and playful, cats would ignore you only to be nice and sweet when it is time to eat. They also follow their owners to the bathroom, and they are always genuinely shocked when their owners take a bath.

Another action of cats that is quite unique is their “massaging” stance. They would knead their paws on their owners. Some say it is an act of asking for food because that is what they do with their mama cat’s milk when they were young. Whatever their reason is, the cats in Elephant Nature Park took it seriously and made it their career!

All the cats in the Park are rescued from many difficult situations and are adopted by the park. On the second floor of the main platform, there is a massage area where cats are giving massages to day visitors and overnight guests. The guests are of course asked if they are allergic to cats and the like, but if not, they are free to be massaged by cats. The cats love the attention that they get from the guests.

You can see in the video one cat who is keen on massaging the man who is lying down. The cat is so serious in what she is doing that I don’t think there is a portion of the man’s body that is left without a massage.

Most of the guests are clearly enjoying their cat companions and are even taking photos of them before having their massage. Can you imaging being in the middle of a nature park, with fresh wind flowing around you, while you are being massaged by a trained masseuse, plus a bonus feline cutie giving you the cutest massage? I would pay anything just to experience this.