Largest Uniformed Orchestra in the World Performs Powerful Rendition of ‘Unchained Melody’

The Righteous Brothers band was probably one of your favorite gold hitmakers in the 60s. They have produced solid hits that have now become what we call “classic.” If you are a classic fanatic, you can’t ignore how this powerful duo made the madly in love, and hopeless romantic people sang to their big hit like the famed “Unchained Melody” song. But who would not get touched by this all-time favorite love song? This was specially made as to the big hit movie’s soundtrack in the 90s, “The Ghost.”If you are Molly, who was devastated after witnessing the death of her love, would you not weep upon hearing the tune of Unchained Melody playing in the background?

To the new-gen X and Y, songs like this may not make it to their playlist. But for people who adore classics and those who have old souls, appreciate every hit song that reverberates in the air whenever played. No wonder there are many renditions given by many artists. Performed by our brave men, we left everyone to salute our men in uniform, not only for their bravery but also for their talent! They outstandingly put the classic hit love song, “Unchained Melody,” relevant and sweet again in their rendition in show competition.

Upon watching, you will be filled with pride, being represented with these talented, brave heroes, and getting enthralled listening to your first love theme song. You would at first expect to see singers to appear. Still, suddenly you forgot because you got carried away with the unison of the different musical instruments delivering different beautiful sound that creates a perfect melody, leaving you craves for more even if the lights pop up signaling the end of their performance!

In this video, uploaded on YouTube, it truly deserves its viral spot online. Watch and be prepared to miss and loved someone more.

Cheers to your bravery and talent, and big thanks for this beautiful cover! You gave us the treat to experience love once again!