Little Girl with Autism Brings Down the House Performing ‘Hallelujah’ with Pentatonix

You have heard her name many times over as she instantly becomes a certified heart slayer for millions of people.  She is differently able but highly capable of belting your favorite songs just like every great talented kid in town. Yes! I am referring to 11-year-old Kaylee Johnson. Sounds inspiring right? We all know how challenging the world around us can become someone who is humanly different like Kaylee. She was diagnosed to have mild autism and ADHD at a young age. As a young student, Kaylee’s teacher said that she rarely talks but was surprised by Kaylee’s love for music and her incredible voice.

Originally from Donaghadee, Northern Ireland, and after she made that impressive performance in her school choir, she has gained popularity instantly. That led to major changes in her life and so with our awareness about children like Kaylee who may be humanly different but have hidden gifts to discover. They are truly like gifts that are wrapped differently but once you uncover them, they will not shy from shining with their gifts. Watch Kaylee in this video, and be impressed with how she performs head to head with the perfectly talented Pentatonix. If you do not have any idea who Kaylee is and her special needs, you will not notice anything from her in this video. Perfectly imperfect, exactly just like us all.

Kaylee’s world totally transforms when she is in the world of music. She has proved that it is through these beautiful unisons of voices, lively beats, and soft flow of melodies that you can have a glimpse of the part of the world she lives in. She appears so angelic, full of innocence from the bleakness of this world. She just shines perfectly right in every word of the song, wearing her smile ear to ear. Watching her will make you think of the bravery of the other children like Kaylee who despite their handicapped, they emerge triumphant in discovering themselves and sharing them. A powerful statement of bringing awareness of their physical limitations to our consciousness.

After watching the video, you would not help but think if she understood how humanity’s scarred souls are being soothed by this beautiful song. Watch the video and surely you will become her instant fan too.

Are you impressed by Kaylee? Be a fan, be aware, and share the advocacy of children like Kaylee.