Mom and Son Perform Duet During Pandemic Boredom, Go Viral with ‘Hallelujah’

Music unites the world. I can’t imagine a day without singing. Or just humming a nursery rhyme will do. Do you ever feel that too? We may barely notice, but singing has been part of our everyday lives. Songs make the world a better place to live in- it inspires, encourages, and perfectly relates to our in-depth feelings. Fortunately, some are very lucky to be blessed with a talented voice. To sing and hit high notes is such a gift to keep. One example is Jordan Rabjohn, a singer-songwriter from Sheffield, United Kingdom. But wait, we think he is extra blessed for he got his pleasant voice with his mom.

Rabjohn used to sing with his mom, Katherine Hallam, in various song covers uploaded on Youtube. Their latest Hallelujah, a Leonard Cohen cover made the netizens awe for the nth time. Rabjohn, in his raspy voice, will surely give you the chills. And more will come down your spine as Katherine takes the spotlight. Her excellent singing prowess is much stronger in this gospel rock version. What makes the video all the more special is when it shows how the mother and son enjoy each other’s company. In between the video, a clip shows up the two holding a paper with their message on it. Sometimes a call for a song request and some are fun facts about each other.

Do you know that Jordan once auditioned for America’s Got Talent? He gave each judge small maracas for his catchy song performance. In fact, the song “Mexico” which he performed is his composition. Rabjohn is a 24-year old phone salesman. He records his own songs and uploads ’em on Youtube and Spotify. Apart from singing, he plays the guitar, bass, and drums. Such a package! But truly, we love Rabjohn more when he is with his mom Katherine.

Here you go, brace yourselves, and be swayed by this mother and son duo in their “Hallelujah” cover.

Netizens so love Jordan and Katherine. Truly, it keeps their bond stronger, sharing the same talent.