Mom Says ‘No Running’ In The Store, So Clever Toddler Uses Most Adorable Loophole

While adults usually know a lot more than children, that knowledge can also be a double-edged sword. While we’ve learned much more about the world, we’ve also picked up some pretty bad habits, especially when it comes to problem-solving. However, scientists have found that many children, especially during their younger years, can actually be better problem-solvers than most adults.

This is because children don’t second guess their ideas, the same way adults do. Have you ever been in a situation where a manager asked for some ideas about a problem and most people looked around at each other? Then when one person speaks up with a good idea, you think, “I was just about to say that.”

Well, with kids, they usually just say it. It doesn’t matter how unrealistic the idea might be; they just put it out there and try it. This type of bravery is a trait most successful innovators and entrepreneurs develop.

Now, the little girl in this video was in a shopping mall with her mom, and like most toddlers, she wanted to move her little legs as fast as she could in this big, wonderous, new place. However, like any good parent, her mom told her not to run.

That’s when the little girl paused for a few seconds to consider her options and then decided to do something unexpected that’s since delighted the hearts of over 4 million people on YouTube alone. Watch what she did in the video below?

While it may sound a bit cliché, children really do have a lot they can teach us. Their boundless creativity and daring is a mindset we’ve been conditioned out of due to institutional and social pressures. But, I believe we can get our mojo back and start dancing again, just like this adorable little angel.

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