More Than 1,000 People Come Together to Sing the Best Christmas Song We’ve Ever Heard

It’s the Christmas season now! It is everybody’s favorite time of the year where we often hear Christmas carols, excites us on gift-giving parties, and attend family reunions! Best of all, we get to celebrate the true essence of Christmas and sing praises for Jesus in church and anywhere we are. This year has been one hell of a ride with pandemic as it took over the usual routine on how the world runs. Despite so many setbacks this year for most of us, still, we should not forget to celebrate Christmas- a virtual celebration, perhaps? Speaking of virtual celebration, this one particular video of a Christmas song takes us back five years ago.

Led by a group of performers singing “Gloria In Excelsis Deo”, what makes this video special is that more than a thousand people come together to sing this beautiful song. The video shows a re-enactment of Jesus’ birth. A thousand singers are all in sync, wearing and covered with straight white dresses, each holding a candle. The scene wherein the mob comes together around Jesus sends chills. It is such a beautiful scene to witness. The last part, wherein the mob form into a remarkable image of Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus, is so stunning! The candle lights do the trick.

Since the video was uploaded five years ago, Youtube commenters are still flocking in the comment section. Thus, the video indeed doesn’t get old. Especially today that most of us are looking into rays of sunshine amidst the health challenges around the globe. The video is so heartwarming and refreshing to see. The song is so powerful and inspiring for those who listen. With thousands of voices coming together to praise Jesus, indeed, this is by far the best Christmas song ever performed.

Check out this fantastic Christmas song performance and let it fulfill your day:

This Christmas, we wish everyone good health and prosperous years ahead. Do not lose faith; it is just a challenging year.