Native American Brothers Crazy Fast Pan Flute Rendition of ‘Lambada’ Goes Viral

Countless YouTubers are trying their luck in the platform, YouTube, creating and posting their videos, hoping to rock the world of YouTube and go viral. How about you? Are you one contributor to a video that went viral? Have you tried watching videos on Youtube not just once, but twice, thrice, or more than that? It may have content that drags you watching repeatedly and even make you share the said video with your social media accounts, email, etc. Can you imagine that you’re not the only person in the world who did that in the same video? You are not the only one who was astounded and shared the video? Indeed, it will become viral; yes, that video is something worthy to watch.

Two brothers, Pablo Santiago and Oscar Andress Morales, known as the “Inka Gold,” went viral with their rendition of the upbeat song “Lambada.” Inka derived from their South American tribe called Inka, and by their stunning craft, they are honoring and promoting their traditions with their music. And they rock the world by garnering 10 million views in just three years after the said video posted in June 2017. Their passion for their magnificent talent didn’t go unnoticed to the audience’s ears and hearts. Doubtless, it went viral. Their performance is undoubtedly something worthy to spend time watching.

The Inka Gold brothers are living in New Mexico but were born in Ecuador’s Andes Mountains. Love for music has been a part of their life since they were young. They were fascinated by it, as Oscar loved to play with the flute while Santiago enthralled with stringed instruments. They’ve been sharing their talent, passion, love for music, and traveling worldwide to inspire and entertain, just like what they’ve had in front of a vast audience in Europe.

Why did it go viral? Click and watch the Inka Gold with their captivating rendition of “Lambada” below.

“Oh, Holy Night, “Sound of Silence,” and “Hallelujah” are some of their loved renditions” Aren’t you captivated by the way flavored to every song they cover?