Native American Brothers Perform ‘Hey Jude’ on Pan Flute

Nah-nah-nah, nah-nah, naaaah! Oh, did you just sing it in your head unconsciously? If so, well, you’re not alone. “Hey Jude” has always been a crowd favorite ever since its launch. Decades after the Beatlemania has swept the world off its feet, this single went out and released magic that still goes across generations. Its empathic lyrics paired with some simple and elegant composition, has captivated everyone’s heart. There’s just something hypnotic about its unassuming repetition that lingers on your head, never letting the music end. (Told you, it’s magic!) It gives off an uplifting friendliness that makes the listeners feel included and somehow joyful. So, it’s no surprise how teenagers and even children today still hum its beautiful melody.

The song is a masterpiece that continues to dwell in all of us even after more than 50 years. And now, the immortal work of art is here again with an entirely new spin. The unique and beautiful arrangement of the two talented Native Americans will surely make us swoon one more time in this lovely classic. Pablo Santiago and Oscar Andres Morales are brothers who have come together and built a music ensemble called Inka Gold. The name “Inka” is actually in honor of their South American tribe.

These musicians were natives of Ecuador’s Andes Mountains but are now residing in New Mexico. They have always been fascinated with music, with Pablo playing the guitar and Oscar, the pan flute. Their love for traditional and contemporary music has bounded them together to show the world the richness of Native American customs. Together, they made harmony with their talents and continually put the world in awe. So, you’re certain that when they play a memorable and timeless song, it’s bound to be amazing.

See for yourself and watch the mesmerizing cover of “Hey Jude” by the creative and inspiring Inka Gold.

The way they enjoy playing with an old instrument such as the pan flute and put life in the song can lull you to sleep peacefully. Such a precious and inspiring performance!