Native American Brothers Play ‘O Holy Night’ and Gives Childhood Nostalgia

We are already in the month of BER and it means Christmas is just around the corner. Christmas carols can already be heard almost everywhere reminding us of the coming season of love and sharing in spite of our present situation. Songs about Christmas always give us a nostalgic feeling.

So many Christmas songs have already been composed by a lot of artists, so many versions and renditions from old genres to modern ones. But I think “O Holy Night” is one of the most remembered and the best one there is even from centuries ago. This song is composed of Adolphe Adam in 1847 and so many variations have already been carried out.

And this time this song of long ago is here again to give us a feeling of nostalgia, a different approach, and is arranged by the talented Native American brothers Pablo Santiago Morales Vega who plays the guitar, and Oscar Andres Morales Vega the pan flute. They were natives of Ecuador’s Andes Mountains but are now currently living in Mexico. Their love for music brought them together to create an ensemble of music called the Inka Gold. They create amazing and stunning music that will be etched in our memory.

One of the first Christmas songs we learned from childhood is perhaps “O Holy Night”, so it will be a great pleasure to hear the Native American brothers doing their version of this song. The tender sound coming from Oscar’s pan flute gives us a feeling of peace while the amazing sound of Pablo’s guitar is so heartwarming. Together they send us a glorious harmony, a nostalgic emotion. We can’t help but sigh and be glad for transporting us back to our childhood.

We can’t get enough of the music these Native American brothers are offering. Watch more of their enchanting creation.