Need To Calm Down? These Sites Can Help

Need a break from work? Struggling with stress or anxiety? These sites can help you unwind.


Thisissand is just as it sounds – it’s a virtual sandbox that you can use to make sand art in different colors. Watching the sand fall is very relaxing. It’s also available on mobile.


Soundrown is a site best used with headphones. It’s a site where you can drown your troubles away with the sounds that you like the most. Try mixing and matching!


Orisinal has been around since I was a child – I’ve been playing these games for years. They’re calming and childlike, taking me to a place I wish I could always be.

Calming Manatee

Feeling down? This website will summon a calming and reassuring manatee with a special message just for you.

The Dawn Room

The Dawn Room runs on other peoples’ words of encouragement, and also allows you to vent your troubles. It’s got to be one of the best calm down sites out there.

100,000 Stars

Get lost in a galaxy far, far away at 100,000 Stars. You can even take a space tour. This was fascinating with the zoom and other features that allow you to actually rotate the view.


Seaquence lets you make your own musical critter. As it moves, it makes music. Try combining them!