Neuroscientists Say This Song Reduces Stress By 65%

We have all experienced a stress episode at some point in our lives. Even though these breakdowns should not be taken lightly, scientists suggest music to help calm our nerves and relax our minds.

Via Giphy

In fact, researchers at Mindlab International in the United Kingdom discovered a song that can reduce anxiety by 65 percent and induce a relaxed state by 35 percent in less than 10 minutes.

Weightless is a melody created by the English ambient music band, Marconi Union, along with a team of sound therapists, designed to reduce common stress hormones, slow down the heart rate, and lower blood pressure.

Listen below and experience the world’s most relaxing song by yourself.

Caution: Considering its effects, it is recommended to listen while lying or sitting down and avoid while driving.

 Featured Image by Juja Han