People Are Completely Spooked by Spoopy Skele-Poo Zeus, the Skeleton Poodle

Boo! I’m a spoopy skele-poo doggo and I’m here to haunt your dreams. And no, you’re eyes are not playing tricks with you. I’m really a skeleton pooch. Thanks to my artistic hooman, I am now rocking this new style and I certainly love it! Fellas, meet Zeus. He’s a white standard poodle who is apparently a little too excited for Halloween. This furry baby already got himself a costume for the entire month and the internet couldn’t get enough of it. Zeus didn’t need those fancy clothes and elaborate headwear to look spooky. All he needed was some intricate grooming and a whole bunch of pumpkins!

The adorable pup was groomed by his very own fur parent who happens to be a certified creative groomer. Katrina Short is the owner of a pet salon in San Leandro, California. She has always loved animals and actually even dreamed of becoming a vet. But it turns out that destiny had something else in store for her. Now, she has been creating wild and extraordinary fresh looks that make any pet pop out. The makeover can range from hair dyes, trimmed tresses, and even painted nails! All these are, of course, carefully tested and chosen. So, you’re sure that your good boy (or girl) gets to have the perfect transformation without affecting their overall health- except for boosting their confidence!

As you can see, this spoopy poodle right here looks so fine and fabulous with his glam up. He just seems genuinely happy as he flaunts his anatomically correct skeleton fur pattern and jumps around the pumpkin patch. It’s both amusing and delightful to see! So, in case you’re looking for something different to ‘dress’ your dog this Halloween, you know now exactly what to do. Your lovely pooch will surely be the talk of the town!

Watch Zeus’ happy video below and be amazed by his interesting spoopy haircut.

Just imagine seeing a pack of canines roaming around the street with such fashion-forward looks. It would surely be awesome!