People Cheer as This Tiny Inchworm Works to Find a Way Across a Huge Gap

Faced with problems every day, big or small, it is part of our daily lives, and whether we get through it or not depends entirely on our will to do so. Like they say, “where there’s a will, there’s a way,” right? As long as we put our minds to it, we can get through any problem we are faced with, especially during these times when issues seem to pop out in every other corner.

This is what we can learn in a video posted by Lucy Pipkins that has since gone viral. In the video, we see a tiny inchworm trying to cross a gap between the wooden deck floor gaps. It may seem like just a very tiny gap, but to someone tiny too, it seems like the Grand Canyon for sure! But that didn’t stop our little friend, with some effort and imagination, it was able to cross the gap.

Image credit: Instagram

This is such an inspirational video; we should take a leaf from this little one’s book (not the leaf it’s going to eat) and be inspired to keep on striving to achieve our goals. This inchworm just showed us, without knowing it, that no matter how big the obstacle in front of us, there’s always a way around it.

Image credit: Instagram

People who saw the viral video were so inspired by how driven this tiny animal is, one user on Reddit said, “I am so proud of this worm. He has accomplished more than I have today.” Another one said, and if I may say, that this user is so on point, “This little fellow teaches a great lesson about strength in the face of adversity. No matter your size, nor the size of your problem, there is always a way through.” Watch the inspirational video below.

All we need is the drive to get things done, and we’ll surely be able to achieve anything.