Amazing Photos of Pop Stars Posing With Younger Versions of Themselves

When we saw these photos of pop stars posing with photos of their younger selves, we knew we had to share them with you all.

Boy George has DEF gotten better looking with age. Not that he wasn’t adorable back when…

pop stars boy george young photo

Pop stars: Lionel Richie

Literally see no difference in Lionel Richie. None. Except for the hair.
lionel richie young photo

Jon Bon Jovi is hotter the older he gets, but here’s the awesome thing about him: that adorable smile will go with him even when he’s 100 years old!

pop stars jon bon jovi young photo

Pop stars: Beyonce

Clearly, Queen Bey has tapped into the fountain of youth. And I feel old suddenly. Ha.

beyonce young photo

Awwwwwww Elvis. 🙁

elvis presley young photo

Pop stars: Barbra Streisand

How can Barbra Streisand possible look younger??? Confession, though: I love that 70s hairstyle!
barbara streisand young photo

Wait, Britney Spears officially has crows feet? OK now I REALLY feel old (she’ll always be gorgeous, though).

britney spears

Pop stars: Sting

Sting, I’ll be watching you! You get hotter with age. I miss that hair, though.

sting young photo

Pop stars: Agnetha Faltskog

If you don’t recognize this lady, you’re not a 70s babe like some of the rest of us. Her name is Agnetha Fältskog, and she was a singer with ABBA.

agnetha faltzkog young photo

Pop stars: Annie Lennox

Annie Lennox, a beauty at any age and with any hair color! We do love the red on her, though.

annie lenox young photo

Pop stars: Cyndi Lauper

Another robber of the fountain of youth, Cyndi Lauper. So cute!

cyndi lauper young photo

Pop stars: Aretha Franklin

Nothing but R E S P E C T for Aretha Franklin! R.I.P.

aretha franklin young photo

Bruce Springsteen is “The Boss” at any age.

bruce springsteen young photo

Pop stars: Mick Jagger

OK so Mick Jagger shows his age, but hey you would, too, if you partied like a rock star. I mean, the phrase was practically invented for him. And don’t hate. He’s still performing. And he was so adorbs when he was a young lad.

mick jagger young photo

Cher is eternal beauty.

cher young photo

Pop stars: Phil Collins

I think we like Phil Collins even better bald!

phil collins young photo

Beautiful, legendary Tina Turner! We love her!

tina turner young photo

One of the most heartbreaking stories ever told. Whitney, we will always love you. You were so beautiful.

whitney houston young photo

Madonna never ages. Seriously.

madonna young photo

R.I.P. George Michael. What a hottie he was, eh?

george michael young photo

A career so legendary, they needed three photos. Michael, R.I.P.

michael jackson young photo

There’s way too much sadness on this list, but so bittersweet. We loved them so much, including this adorable little Amy Winehouse.

amy winehouse young photo

We miss David Bowie’s quirkiness, especially when he was young.

david bowie young photo

Sir Paul McCartney! The cutest (and most fun) Beatle.

paul mccartney young photo

My heart. We’re so glad people are rediscovering Freddie Mercury with the Bohemian Rhapsody movie.

freddie mercury young photo queen

Last but not least, beautiful Mariah Carey.

mariah carey young photo

They’re all beautiful, and those who aged have done so very well. However, for those who didn’t live long enough to age, we know they would have always been beautiful. They’re missed!

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